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Medical Marijuana and Diarrhea

What Is Diarrhea?

Diarrhea is an increase in the frequency of bowel movements or a decrease in the form of stool, characterized by unusually frequent bowel movements and excessive watery evacuations of fecal material. Persistent diarrhea can cause dehydration, can indicate an underlying infection, or it may mean that the body is not able to absorb some nutrients due to a problem in the bowels.

Medical Marijuana and Diarrhea

Diarrhea is best described by loose, watery stools that tend to occur more frequently than usual. Diarrhea is something that everyone will experience at one point in the lifetime, and in most cases is not severe it is just your body reacting to drinking too much, bad food or an upset stomach. Diarrhea can directly translate to more frequently trips to the toilet and a greater volume of stool.

In most cases, signs and symptoms of diarrhea can usually last a couple of days, but there are other occurrences where it can last up to weeks. In these specific situations, diarrhea can be a sign of a serious bowel disorder such as inflammatory bowel disease or a less serious condition such as irritable bowel syndrome. Diarrhea can cause a significant amount of water and salt loss.

With common cases of this condition, diarrhea can go away without treatment, but if it persists an individual may become extremely dehydrated or pass blood in their stool. Luckily, a great treatment option for bowel disorders and stomach problems is medical marijuana. With the use of cannabis as an alternative treatment option, symptoms of diarrhea have subsided greatly and the overall condition of the patient improved as well. Cannabis works as a motivator for the anodyne part of morphine, which stimulates the central nervous system and serves as a great appetite booster. Medical marijuana makes a phenomenal stride in the department of speeding up your digestive tract in order to naturally recover faster from your condition.

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