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Medical Marijuana and Asthma

Types of Asthma and Marijuana Use

There are two types of asthma: restrictive and inflammative. Restrictive asthma feels like the whole chest is tightening and squeezing and can feel similar to a heart attack or panic attack. With restrictive asthma, the bronchioles, or tiny branches, within the lungs start to close off, making it virtually impossible for the patients to get any air into the lungs and thus circulate it to the areas of the body that require oxygen, like the brain. Inflammative can accompany restrictive and usually does when the patient is severely allergic to indoor or outdoor allergans. As the name suggests, the bronchioles become inflamed, swelling to several times their normal size. Just think about having a really bad sinus allergy but in your lungs instead of your nose. Breathing is labored at best, but if restrictive asthma accompanies it, no air can pass through whatsoever, and the asthma patient is literally cut off from breathing.

The medicines prescribed for asthma are bronchiodialators, which release the restrictive forces of restrictive asthma, and of course, corticosteroids to ease inflammations of the inflammatory type. Most medications are delivered through an inhaler, but as is the case with small children, some are administered through special machines that vaporize the liquid medicine into gas form for inhaling through a facial mask. There are also a few pill forms of asthma medication available, although generally they are prescribed for lesser complicated asmtha patients and few and far between attacks. The problems with some of these medicines is that the inactive ingredients and sometimes the active ingredients happen to be the same ingredients asthma patients are allergic to! Then the patient has to try out several other options for treatment to avoid a medicine that might contain a particular allergan. What an expensive trial and error process, especially since a serious error could land them in a hospital bed!

Asthma and Medical Marijuana Use

Vaporizing and inhaling medical marijuana, however, is a much safer, more natural and equally effective treatment for asthma. The cannabis plant is emptied into the vaporizer and heated to the point short of combustion, releasing the positive medical effects without any particulates or noxious fumes that the asthma patient would ordinarily have a reaction to. If this is not a feasible means of consumption for the patient, making various pot edibles is a reasonable substitute. Much like taking the prescribed asthma medicine in pill form, eating the marijuana edibles would have an effect on the whole body and be more of a preventive than a sudden attack means of taking medical marijuana as a medicine. The vaporization is much faster and more direct and more effective for the asthma patient. The medicine goes directly to the lungs and the source of the patient's problem, alleviating the symptoms right away.

Medical Marijuana Use for Asthma

Look for a medical marijuana doctor in your area to discuss the benefits of taking medical marijuana for asthma. If your asthma can be treated with medical marijuana it's worth giving it a try. More research is being done on what it is in medical marijuana that helps the patient with asthma breathe easier, but it goes without saying that the relaxing effects and the pain reducing effects help the patient calm themselves enough to not need an inhaler to breathe. It decreases dependency on an inhaler as well as decreasing the need for prescribed medical inhalers and the worry about the inactive ingredients in the medicines' delivery base. Vaporizing marijuana and inhaling it can be added to the regular treatment and possibly replace it all together if the patient finds it works better than anything else they've used before.

Dispensaries in major cities of the 17 states that currently have chosen to legalize medical marijuana can also point you in the direction of good vaporizers. Sometimes they will even sell them with the medicinal marijuana from the dispensary upon request and when you show your marijuana card, which is required for purchase anyway. When all else fails, have several links that take you to special purchasing agents for medical marijuana supplies and accessories.

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