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Medical Marijuana and Hospice Patients

Patient’s symptoms and pain levels are controlled and goals of care are discussed while emotional needs are supported. Hospice believes that the end of life is not a medical experience; it is a human experience that benefits from expert medical care and holistic support. Compassionate healthcare is spread throughout hospice and it has become an evolving concept since the late 11th century.

Medical marijuana is considered an absolutely amazing reliever of pain that is associated with many hospice patients. These patients suffer from incurably and terminally ill diseases and cancers that is capable of taking their life away from them. Medical marijuana is an anti-inflammatory, initiates key CB2 receptors in the epidermis of a patients skin, produces the effects of an appetite stimulant and overall can relax these patients. If there is anyone who would benefit from this alternative treatment option, it would be the hospice patients.

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